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Owner of Eving Design

Eva Veber

eva veber

I’m a lover of psychology and the universe. I explore the boundaries of the unexplainable, but with equal enthusiasm, I follow the latest scientific discoveries. Biohacking and science are not just my hobbies; they’re my way of becoming the best version of myself.

Music is how I speak, photography is how I see, and video is how I share my heart. The meaning of life for me is love in all its forms and time spent with the people closest to me.

My life philosophy is that every day brings new opportunities; failures and mistakes are merely teachers in this game called Life. My life goals? To grow, to help, and to make the world a little bit better.

My go-to’s for recharging are meditation and soaking up nature.

I believe in mutual respect and compassion among people. Greater value than material goods for me is represented by time and experiences.

My mind is dominated by emocio and racio. I appreciate those who know how to value and respect others, and I admire all who unwaveringly follow their dreams and goals.

My symbol is the yin-yang, which reveals the balance and dynamics of the universe.


I was born in the quaint town of Trebnje, Slovenia, which is also the current home base for my company, Eving. My educational journey began in Trebnje and led me to Ivančna Gorica, where I attended Josip Jurčič Economics High School. There, I earned high school Diploma in Business and Economics Studies, setting the stage for my future endeavors.

Eager to expand my horizons, I continued my studies at IAM in Ljubljana, specializing in web development, and earned the title of Media Production Engineer.

In 2014, I took the leap and founded Eving, turning my passion and expertise into a thriving business.

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