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Designing the book cover and content

Designing the book cover and content

Graphic design

Book Design

Designing a book involves creating the book cover and page layout, along with preparing for print. Learn more about the book design process in our blog post.

Graphic design and print preparation

Designing the book’s exterior according to your preferences, including licensed photos and graphics if needed. You’ll receive a print-ready PDF and a 3D preview of the final cover.

Graphic design and print preparation

Creation of the book’s interior page layout. The price depends on the content and number of words, your requirements, and desires. Upon design approval and review of the final design, you receive a PDF file ready for printing.

Multiple Drafts

When you provide us with your design preferences, we start the drafting process. We provide at least three different drafts to help guide you towards your book's final look.

Meeting Your Preferences

We understand that publishing a book is a significant step, and we aim for the final product to reflect your personality. We strive to meet all our clients' design preferences.


If you need portrait photography for your book or specific graphics for the cover, you can turn to us. We also offer Photoshop services for special effects if you're looking for a unique cover.
Our Projects


Libraries and bookstores already showcase many of our designs. Check out some of our past projects.

Quick Overview of Our Book Cover Design Process


Conceptualizing the cover - deciding on the elements and the final look of your book.


Sourcing elements and graphics from licensed portals (like Istock, Shutterstock, etc.) and preparing them accordingly (cropping and manipulating in Photoshop if needed).

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Choosing the right font for the title, subtitle, author, etc., and adjusting it based on the background or motif.

Book cover

The final design is created and sent to the client for review. Typically, at least three different drafts are made.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

"Eva is the only graphic designer I know who can bring my visions to reality. I tell her the book's theme, what I want it to express graphically, and what I like. It's incredible, but she often delivers even better than what I had imagined. I'm extremely satisfied with her. That's why our publishing house holds onto her tightly."

petra škarja
Petra Škarja
5ka publishing

"Looking for an elegant, creative, and swift solution? Eving Design is the place to go."

Matejka Križan
LYNX publishing
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