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Design of a newsletter or magazine

Design of a newsletter or magazine

Graphic design

Design of newsletters and magazines

We design or redesign existing newsletters and magazines for you. Since 2017, we have collaborated with the Association of Pharmacy Students of Slovenia in designing the "Spatula" newsletter, the "Placebo" professional magazine, and compilations.

The number of hours spent depends on the complexity of the design and the scope of the content. For a preliminary offer, please send us an approximate content and your wishes / requirements.

Modern Design

We continuously monitor global trends in graphic design, so we can offer you the design of your materials according to the latest trends. Attract your potential customers with appropriate graphic design and consequently with a quality and effective product.


We take into account your wishes regarding the design itself. Do you want a minimalist or modern style of graphic design? Do you want custom-made unique design? Let us know, and we will consider all your wishes. Based on these, we can also advise you and help you achieve a stunning final product.


We understand that when publishing newsletters and magazines, it's essential to meet the deadline, which we always adhere to. The final product must be thoroughly reviewed by the client, and then you receive a suitably prepared PDF file for printing in the print shop.
Our Projects


Check out some of the projects we have created in previous years.

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