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Graphic design using artificial intelligence (AI)

As a multimedia enthusiast, I have been fascinated by the latest technology that enhances and simplifies the creative process since I was young. Lately, I’ve been particularly focused on the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to revolutionize, among other areas, the field of graphic design.

Currently, I specialize in designing book covers, posters, and graphic materials for companies on social networks, and I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills to offer clients the best possible products. Based on recent weeks of research and testing AI technology, I believe it can offer a lot to graphic designers.

Graphic design with AI – artificial intelligence

One of the most exciting aspects of AI in graphic design is its ability to generate incredible illustrations, graphics, and photo-realistic images. With AI-powered tools, we can easily create appealing illustrations or interpretations of a book cover that perfectly match the book’s theme and category. Not only does this saves time and effort, but it also means we can offer a wider variety of final products to our clients.

AI image generators can be used to create realistic images of products, such as clothing or household items, for use in online stores. These images can be quickly and easily produced, saving time and reducing the need for expensive stock photos. AI can also be used to create intricate, abstract designs and patterns, adding uniqueness and a new level to a project. However, some details in image generation are still in their infancy – such as fingers on hands, human faces, details on animals, plants… but not in all cases. Sometimes the AI robot will produce a sharp image with all the details (this is where prompt learning comes into play, these are expressions with which we describe to the robot what kind of image we want), but sometimes some elements in the image will be quite distorted. But since we diligently learn to use the appropriate expressions in our company and keep up with updates and innovations in this field, we can enable clients to generate fantastic images for all projects.

Examples of book covers using AI technology:

Save Time

Another great benefit of AI in graphic design is its ability to automate repetitive tasks, saving us time. For example, AI can help us quickly resize images, create mosaics from different images, and perform other time-consuming tasks, allowing us to focus on other, more demanding aspects of our work.

I believe AI has the potential to significantly improve the graphic design industry and the work of graphic designers. With the offer of new and innovative tools and techniques, AI has the power to take shapes, ideas, and visions to new heights and help us create truly unique and inspiring products for our clients.

The future of human creativity

Of course, with all this rapid growth of artificial intelligence in all fields, concerns and questions arise about how this will affect the future of creative jobs, illustrators, photographers… the biggest concern is that artificial intelligence will eventually replace human creativity, and many creatively oriented jobs will become redundant.

It is important, therefore, to keep in mind the negative aspects alongside all the positive features of the rapid growth of AI technology. It’s crucial to find a balance between using human creativity and AI tools as the world rapidly evolves.

Key benefits of using artificial intelligence in graphic design and generating images / graphics:

Fast and easy image creation

The AI image-making tool is extremely fast and easy to use. Instead of spending hours searching for the right image, with the correctly written command to the AI tool, we can create a quality image in seconds.

Flexibility and customization

The AI tool allows for the creation of custom images that match your desires and needs. With the right choice of commands and parameters, we can precisely specify to the AI tool what the image should look like, tailoring it to our needs.

Cost reduction

It can reduce your design costs as there's no need to hire an illustrator, photographer, or Photoshop professional for certain images. With a properly trained expert who knows AI tools, you can produce quality images at an affordable price.

Increased efficiency

Using AI tools in graphic design increases efficiency and productivity, saving us the time and energy we would spend searching for the right image or designing the image ourselves.

Innovative and unique results

Creating unique images and graphics that we couldn't produce ourselves or with traditional design tools. With the right combination of parameters, we can get images that are perfectly tailored to our needs and goals.

Choose a trained designer to use artificial intelligence for your project.

The designer must first understand how to correctly write the prompt and select the right parameters to get an image that perfectly fits your needs. In addition, the designer must understand how to choose the best colors, textures, and shapes for the best result.

Since the AI tool is still relatively new, the designer must constantly follow new technologies and updates to ensure they are using the latest features and can take advantage of all the benefits the AI tool offers. Furthermore, they must also understand that the AI tool cannot fully replace a human designer. Although the AI tool can create a basic image, only an experienced designer can add those unique elements that give the image its true charm and make it exceptional.

Sometimes when generating AI images, distortions of elements in the image occur, such as hands, faces, legs, animals… This can happen because the AI tool may not recognize how to properly display these elements, leading to errors. It’s important that the designer has experience and knowledge in Photoshop and knows how to properly correct these errors. They must also have knowledge of how to properly adjust the parameters of the AI tool to minimize image distortions.

Therefore, it’s important to choose a designer who has experience in the field of AI and understands how to properly use these tools to get the best possible images and graphics for your project. Although it seems that anyone can use the AI tool, it’s important to choose an experienced designer who will consider your wishes and requirements and ensure the best possible results.

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