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Website Development and Online Stores

Website Development and Online Stores

Web Production

Website development

We categorize websites into presentation websites (presenting you, your company, services or products, including a gallery, contact form) and online stores (besides the classic presentation, online product sales are included).

Creation of a presentation website with 6 pages

Website development in the CMS system (WordPress), where the client can later edit the content themselves.

Website development with integrated sale system

Website development with a presentation (approx. 6 pages) in the CMS system (WordPress) and with an added online store. The price includes adding up to 10 products with cash on delivery and prepayment methods (Paypal and other payment systems available for an additional fee).

Modern Design

Get a website according to the latest trends that won't become outdated for several years. We ensure a modern graphic appearance, animations on the site, color coordination, and appropriately highlighted most important information for potential customers.

Screen Adaptability

Approximately 70% of users will access your website via mobile phones or tablets. We ensure that all content is appropriately adapted and visible on all screens.

Practicality & Effectiveness

Based on your wishes, we set up the website to get the most out of visitors. The content must be simple, clear, and attractive, while also being optimized for the Google search engine to find as many potential customers online as possible.

Why Do I Need a Website?

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Our Projects


In recent years, we have successfully created many websites for individuals and companies that needed online visibility.

You can read more about the website development process in the blog post.

The website development time can vary depending on customer requirements, project size, and functionalities. It usually takes from a few weeks to a few months, everything depends on the scope of the project.

First, we discuss your requirements and wishes to get a clear idea of what you want to achieve with the website. Then we prepare a design and website development plan, which you review and approve. Once the plan is approved by you, development and functionality implementation begins. Finally, testing and verification of operation follow before officially presenting the website to the public.

Yes, in addition to website development, we also design logos and visual identities that you can use on the website and other marketing materials. You can view more about graphic design here.

All the websites we develop are fully adapted for mobile devices, meaning your pages will automatically adjust to the screen size on which they are displayed.

Adapting the website for mobile devices ensures that the site is user-friendly for mobile device users, improving the user experience, which can contribute to higher traffic and better user interaction with the website.

Yes, we will provide you with access to manage the website, where you can edit content, add new pages, and update the website with basic WordPress knowledge. When editing content on existing pages, WordPress knowledge is not required, as it is clearly and graphically shown where and how to edit the text on the page.

The design and functionalities of the website will be tailored to your wishes and the needs of your company. You can expect a website design that will reflect your brand and will have the functionalities you need, such as contact forms, image galleries, and other features by agreement.

Yes, you will have the option to add images, videos, and other multimedia content to the website with basic WordPress knowledge.

The use of quality images on the website is crucial, as visual elements play an important role in shaping the first impressions of visitors. Quality images enhance the user experience, give a professional look, and increase the credibility of your company. In addition, images can also improve your position in search engines, as search engines better understand pages with quality images.

Website development includes the purchase of licensed photos from certain photo portals.

However, before the actual website development, we can arrange for business photography and get your own professional photos. This way, we can tailor the photos according to the goals and values of the company and thus create photos that truly represent you and your company and your activity.

Your own photos can help build a brand and improve customer trust. In addition, own photos are more authentic and genuine, reflecting the entire image of the company. The use of generic, licensed photos from various photo portals can sometimes give the company an unoriginal look, as they can also be used by competitors and do not fully adapt to your vision.

However, licensed generic photos are better than photos you take yourself with a phone because they are professionally taken and processed to be suitable for various purposes, including use on websites. These photos are usually also high resolution, ensuring they are displayed on the website in the best possible quality. In addition, generic licensed photos also have the advantage of diversity, as you can choose from a huge number of different themes and styles.

Yes, we will provide you with access to basic website analytics, where you can see how many people visited your website, how long they stayed, and what they were looking for.

Using Google Analytics, you can track website visits and monitor statistics.

Yes, we can integrate social networks into the website – it is possible to easily insert links to your social profiles, as well as integrate Instagram and Facebook posts on your site.

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