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Website Redesign

In the digital world, where competition is just a click away, your website is more than just a business card. It is the first point of contact with your potential customers, a reflection of your brand, and a bridge between you and the digital community. The question is: can your bridge withstand the weight of modern expectations?

By nature, we are visual beings. Based on what we see, we quickly infer about quality and reliability. Your website is the first thing potential customers see when they search for you online. Do you want them to judge the quality of your services or products based on an outdated website?

Why is a website redesign not just an aesthetic, but a business decision?

You might wonder, “Why would we even need a new website if we already have one?” I understand your concerns, but it’s important to realize that the digital world is constantly changing. What was visually appealing and effective a few years ago may not be today.

  1. First impression: When visitors come to your website, they form an opinion about your company in less than a second. An outdated website can convey that your company doesn’t follow trends or invest in quality. Ask yourself: do you want your first interaction with a potential customer to be based on an outdated impression?

  2. Mobile view optimization: Most visitors today access websites via mobile devices. If your website is not adapted for these devices, you are losing a large part of the audience.

  3. SEO and visibility on Google: Modern SEO techniques are constantly changing. An outdated website often doesn’t consider these latest practices. This means your company is losing valuable visibility in search engines. And if potential customers can’t find you, how will they do business with you?

What can you gain from a website redesign?

  1. Increased conversions: With a modern and user-friendly website, you can increase your conversions. For example, a clear and attractive call to action (CTA) can encourage a visitor to make a purchase. Simple and intuitive navigation can make it easier for a visitor to find the desired information or products.

  2. Improved user experience: A modern website is tailored to user needs. Fast loading, clarity, adaptability for mobile devices – all contribute to a better user experience, increasing the likelihood that a visitor becomes a customer.

  3. Increased credibility: A modern, professional website can enhance your credibility in the eyes of potential customers. It shows that you are serious about your business and are willing to invest in the best possible solutions.

Is your current website not delivering good results? Here is how we can help you.

When visitors visit your website, it’s the first sign they are interested in your product or service. However, a high bounce rate means something is wrong. They might feel lost or can’t find what they’re looking for. Our job is to offer your visitors a clear and intuitive user experience that convinces them to stay and take the desired action.

Planning the homepage / landing page

The first impression is crucial. Your landing page is the face of your company online. It should be clear, compelling, and visitor-focused. When visitors land on your homepage, they should immediately know what you offer and why it’s important to them. With clear and compelling design, we help them understand how your product or service can improve their life or solve their problem.

Imagine your website as a storefront in a shopping mall. If the display is outdated, unattractive, or confusing, people are likely to walk by. The same goes for a website.

What is the purpose of visiting your website?

Every website has a specific goal, whether it’s selling a product, signing up for newsletters, or booking a service. With clearly defined priorities, we can help visitors focus on what’s most important to them. This not only increases the chances of conversion but also improves the user experience.

Customer reviews

People like to follow the crowd. If they see others are satisfied with your product or service, they are more likely to trust your brand. By including ratings, reviews, and testimonials on your website, you can increase visitor trust and encourage them to take action.

Optimization of CTA (calls to action)

CTA or ‘call to action’ is like a salesman advising a customer in a store on what to buy. If this salesman is convincing and friendly, the customer is more likely to make a purchase. On your website, the CTA directs the visitor to take action – whether it’s a purchase, newsletter sign-up, or a call.

Calls to action are key elements of any website. They are like lighthouses that show visitors the way. With clear and attractively designed CTA buttons, we can help visitors understand what is expected of them and encourage them to take action.

Continuous updating and improvement

The digital world is constantly changing. With regular testing and adjustments to your website, you can adapt to changes and ensure that your website is always at the peak of its performance. When website development at Eving, we also offer maintenance packages, providing you with continuous support, technical updates, and improvements based on the latest trends and technologies.

Do you want an offer for your website redesign?

Although you already have an established website, we recommend a thorough renovation. Of course, materials and content from the previous website can be used, but for system optimization and refreshing the website’s appearance, it is advisable to thoroughly update. With this approach, you can ensure that your website is in line with the latest trends and technologies, which will contribute to a better user experience.

How does the website development process work at Eving?

We will send you a short questionnaire to gain a better understanding of your company, your wishes, and vision. Here we also get acquainted with your strengths, how you differ from the competition, what makes you unique, and what you would highlight when presenting your company.

In the digital age, your online presence is crucial. With small changes, you can achieve great results. We can help you realize this vision.

Complete branding redesign

When thinking about a website redesign, it’s the perfect time to also consider the overall image of your company. Your website is just part of your digital presence, and if your logo or corporate identity is outdated, it won’t be in perfect harmony with a fresh and modern website. Redesigning the logo and branding can give your company a fresh start, increase customer recognition and trust, and improve your overall market position.

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